We are known for finding content that others miss, exposing the blind spot of hidden information that has a profound impact on the critical decisions you make.

Our task is to present you with all the objective facts of a claim so that you can minimise the cost of loss and maximise your profitability.

Our experienced, professional and lateral thinking team specialise in surveillance and factual investigations work; free from opinions and assumptions.

Case Study: Catching the Surfer


We apply best practice and adhere to all relevant Australian legislation, privacy and industry Codes of Conduct. We know fraud investigation is not a perfect science.

Results can be influenced by many factors, human or otherwise, but our investigators are trained to recognise obstacles and to work proactively in collaboration with our clients and office team.

And that’s how our talent for innovation comes into play. If an investigation does not progress in the way in which we’d like, as our client, we’ll tell you.

We’ll provide solutions to ensure that every investigation we carry out is completed to the same, consistently high standard and meets your objectives.

This is the way we do business… everyday.

Case Study: The Poker Player