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We are known for finding content that others miss, exposing the blind spot of hidden information that has a profound impact on the critical decisions you make.

Our task is to present you with all the objective facts of a claim so that you can minimise the cost of loss and maximise your profitability.

Our experienced, professional and lateral thinking team specialise in surveillance and factual investigations work; free from opinions and assumptions.

Case Study: Catching the Surfer


We apply best practice and adhere to all relevant Australian legislation, privacy and industry Codes of Conduct. We know fraud investigation is not a perfect science.

Results can be influenced by many factors, human or otherwise, but our investigators are trained to recognise obstacles and to work proactively in collaboration with our clients and office team.

And that’s how our talent for innovation comes into play. If an investigation does not progress in the way in which we’d like, as our client, we’ll tell you.

We’ll provide solutions to ensure that every investigation we carry out is completed to the same, consistently high standard and meets your objectives.

This is the way we do business… everyday.

Case Study: The Poker Player


Rest assured that from the way we think to the values we so dearly hold, we make it our mission to be recognised as a risk-free, solutions focused service provider.

AHC Investigations holds an exemplary track record for keeping good people because we treat our team with the same values that we are proud to offer our clients — creativity, perseverance, transparency, ethics and integrity.

Case Study: The Outback Farmer


Anthony Callaghan


Holding a background in the NSW Police Force, culminating in extensive experience gained in an elite technical surveillance group: Special Technical Investigations Branch, Anthony progressed to working closely with covert national and international government law enforcement organisations.

Anthony’s academic qualifications include Policing, Investigative Services, Fraud Control and Business Management. During his service with the Police, he was an accredited lecturer and trainer.

Anthony departed the NSW Police Force in 1996 with the vision to establish his own forward thinking and energetic private practice — this has now become AHC Investigations. To the present day, he has fastidiously selected and developed a dynamic team to conduct investigations on behalf of many prominent insurance, legal and corporate firms.

With his passion and a relentless eye for detail, Anthony enjoys an exemplary reputation with his clients that he has developed over the years. He is regularly consulted on investigations into high-value and sensitive cases. Anthony holds the trust and confidence of clients with his ability to strategise and consult with them for a better outcome. Still a qualified investigator, it is not uncommon for Anthony to actively involve himself in an investigation in order to make the desired outcomes a reality — quite a rare occurrence for a company principal in this industry.

Building on this, Anthony and his team have accumulated and continue to accumulate valuable exposure and expertise in the field of surveillance.

As former President of the AIPI NSW Chapter, Anthony added another dimension in not only heading a successful and thriving practice, but leading a professional association with the aims to foster a collaborative and interactive forum for its members and to promote the advancement of the private investigations industry.

Anthony has diversified into speaking engagements for various industry bodies and has given recent presentations on insurance fraud investigation, from his experience as a surveillance specialist.

Your Talented Investigators

We set ourselves apart by recognising, nurturing and rewarding our talent. In practical terms for our clients this means access to trustworthy, hard working professionals who have a passion for what they do.

Our investigators share a cross-section of ethnic, cultural and rural backgrounds. Having both males and females enhances our ability to be discreet and in sync with a wide range of communities.

Our people are our success. We believe that scrupulous, world-class investigative work can only occur when the people conducting it are of the same calibre.

Your Superb Support Team

Our office is staffed by highly skilled and energetic individuals, coming from a range of corporate backgrounds such as medico legal, government internal auditing, legislative drafting, communications and marketing, financial fraud investigation, journalism and teaching.

We practice what we preach by ensuring that every team member is aligned with our core values. That’s why our recruitment process is exhaustive; our training extensive; and our communication always open, honest and respectful.