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Our investigative cases are managed through our empowering and cost effective AHC Investigations Management System (AiMS). Entering instructions is easy; with detailed prompts ensuring no information is overlooked. We operate as an ‘open book’ with clients able to log in at any time to revisit their cases, change or submit further instructions and monitor case progress on an up-to-the- minute basis, 24/7. This state-of-the-art system means our clients enjoy complete involvement, flexibility and control.

Our cutting-edge AiMS enables us to manage our investigative work with thoroughness, flexibility and transparency. Experience has shown us what kind of initial information gets the best results for our clients and our AiMS translates this into questions and prompts that will help ensure no information is overlooked or left to chance.

Clients can access the system themselves, gauging case progress at any time and viewing all the facts as they happen. With real time tracking, unexpected revelations that may well change the course of an investigation can be analysed and updated instantly. An open system also enables us to draw upon the valuable skills sets of all our staff — in the office and in the field — for each and every investigative case we have.

Giving clients complete access to our AiMS means they can remain assured of our total transparency at all times; knowing that the ethical practises of each and every AHCi investigator remain exemplary. We put them in the driver’s seat to be able to make confident, informed decisions in even the most complex and highly contestable of situations.

Our AiMS is one of the reasons we continue to cultivate a reputation of being leaders in innovation. This partnership with our clients allows us to think outside of the square and continuously deliver results where others fail.