In each investigation, we adopt a strategic, yet flexible approach so that our clients are presented with all the facts — objectively and succinctly. Clients can then make confident, informed decisions, in even the most complex and highly contestable of situations.

Please note our services are reserved for insurance, other corporate and government clients only.

Our hand-picked, highly experienced and well regarded factual team investigates a range of insurance claims including Workers’ Compensation, Public Liability, Compulsory Third Party and Income Protection amongst other personal injury and liability lines of insurance.

With a successful track record firmly established, referrals continue to grow, often resulting from cases where perserverence and absolute attention to detail is required.

Factual investigation work involves interviewing insured parties, claimants, employers and Police officers. It often involves locating key professional and civilian witnesses, conducting scene examinations and obtaining exhibits. That’s the normal side of the work and we do it well, but with some imaginative and strategic thinking, we’ve also provided results to clients far beyond their expectations…an elusive witness found or a vital piece of evidence uncovered.

Our factual investigations are designed to outline the circumstances, discover the truth and pinpoint the evidence. We communicate with our clients who can monitor the investigations as they progress. We then prepare clear, concise and impartial reports within agreed timeframes and budgets.

Specialising in covert physical and electronic surveillance services, we understand the power of surveillance as a tool for determining the truth, whilst being ever mindful of the public sensitivities surrounding its use and the importance of preserving the reputations of our clients.

Surveillance is a skilled profession that has unfortunately had its share of inferior, and even unlawful, practitioners. However, our company has withstood the test of time and scrutiny through our consistent adherence to lawful, impartial and ethical practices, to ultimately provide our clients with rock solid video evidence.

Within the parameters of industry compliance, we maximise opportunities for collection of evidence whilst minimising reliance on luck.

Open Source Intelligence is the gathering of information from publicly available sources. Combining these resources with AHCi’s expert human analysis allows our clients to take control and make informed decisions.

Our profiles are designed to provide an overview of a person’s past, present and possibly future activity thus offering strategic planning in insurance, corporate or government sectors.

Using our extensive research databases including the latest Geolocation tools, AHCi uncovers Deep Web activity that other providers miss.

Employing a wide variety of search techniques utilised in profiling we are also able to assist in Locating a person of interest.

Contact our Intelligence Team for your next strategic move.

Think Smarter → Analyse → Strategise

AHC Investigations traditional Surveillance and Open-Source Intelligence Services are an invaluable resource for the Legal professional.  From conducting due diligence on your Plaintiff’s claim to gathering vital information for your Defence, AHC Investigations is here to help.

In addition to our comprehensive Surveillance options, AHC Investigations unique Location-based social media search can potentially uncover social media posts, photographs, or even possible witnesses to an incident which gives rise to a claim.