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“Cause for celebration! Within one minute of showing your excellent video footage, the case was thrown out. Sum saved — approximately $400,000. Nice work team!”
Major National CTP Insurer

“Your staff and systems give us the flexibility to change instructions part way through a case because we can monitor cases 24/7. This has produced some great results for us.”
Claims Assessor, Major Life Insurer

“You guys have a can-do approach and consistently deliver!”
National Insurer

“You have achieved for us one of the most successful results on record.”
Major Nationwide Insurer

“Communication is critical and the AHC Investigations team is excellent at keeping us informed.”
Prominent Life Insurer

“Your attention to detail is exceptional and you communicate in a timely and effective manner. Thank you!”
Case Manager, Major WC Insurer

“Great work — your video footage has been extremely useful.”
Major CTP Insurer

“As an AHC Investigations team member, I really value the professional support I receive.”
Surveillance Investigator, AHCi Team

“Thanks to everyone on the field and in the office for getting the observations done in such a professional way — we are extremely pleased!”
Major WC Insurer

“I have to say I really enjoy working for AHC. Your thorough, dedicated and professional team in the office make my job on the ground much easier.”
Surveillance Investigator, AHCi Team

“AHC Investigations delivers prompt service again and again. I can’t recommend you highly enough.”
Case Manager, Major WC Insurer

“The honesty and integrity shown by your firm continues to demonstrate why we can depend on you…”
Major CTP Insurer

“Your surveillance has been first class and your continued expert assistance is very much appreciated.”
Claims Consultant, Major Life Insurer

“I am proud to be aligned with such a values driven organisation.”
Senior Claims Consultant, Major CTP Insurer

“The footage you obtained assisted my management of the claim enormously. Your thoroughness is second to none.”
Senior Claims Consultant, Major NSW CTP Insurer

“Thanks for your update on the claimant’s activities. I’m pleasantly surprised at the information that you’ve obtained. Fantastic work by your team!”
Life Claims Consultant, Major Life Insurer

“Great work! AHC has impressed me and you continue your excellence.”
Claims Consultant, Major Life Insurer